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who we are

Rosemont Baptist Church came to life in 1947, starting as a tent revival at the railroad tracks on Rosemont Garden. A determined group of 32 Christians had a desire to bring Christ to an evolving south Lexington. Members mortgaged their homes to finance the construction of a home for the church.

For 65 years Rosemont has had an influence in the community, touching the lives of generations of children and adults, through ministries, recreation and a positive, steady presence.

That desire to bring Christ to this community, Lexington, and the world (Matthew 28:16) continues today. Methods, media and transportation outreach have changed, but the love of Christ and the obedience to His word are as strong as that small group had years ago.

While the building has been a long standing testimony to our public outreach, it is not the building but the hearts of a committed congregation that you will meet on your visit. On a daily basis we seek to “Love God, Love Others, and Reach People for the Kingdom”.

This is experienced daily as we outreach through various service and discipleship opportunities here in Lexington, Kentucky. These include: Feed the Hungry, involvement with God’s Pantry, hosting and NA, Bible study, fellowship, and spirit-filled worship.

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